Greg Blascovich, PRESIDENT

Greg is a scientific researcher with a PhD in political communication. Having studied the affective biases between Democrats and Republicans, he is committed to keeping our public land from becoming political fodder. -

Patrick Curran, Director of Finance

Patrick has a background in business and currently works in social advertising. From backcountry skiing to hunting in the Rockies, Pat is an enthusiastic public land user. -

Sandi Perko, Director of Operations

Sandi is a native Coloradan who grew up in the great outdoors. From whitewater rafting and backpacking, to mountain naps and reading in tents, she has an infectious appreciation for our wild places. -

Justin Schaaf, Public access Director

Justin has a background in biology and currently works as a locomotive engineer in Eastern Montana. He has an infectious passion for wild things and wild places and is committed to conserving them for future generations. -